A matrix communications agency – digital, traditional and more. We cover industry events taking place in our immediate vicinity, ‘the playground of the rich and famous’ – Cannes. We created #MIPIMfearless as an underlying empowerment theme for the MIPIM international property professionals event.
#MIPIMfearless supports empowering connections, investments and opportunities. The no.1 cause of failure at these events is ego-fear, which includes identity fear and unreasoning fear. Fear decimates, destroys and unhinges growth efforts – even success.
Why #MIPIMfearless? Because of the ‘unreasoning fear’ spreading across western societies and its growing impact on industries like this one. Its unmistakeable characteristics are misguidance and manipulation.
Not all businesses in the property industry are adept at weathering fear – for example not being able to attract and retain quality Tenants. And those that can weather fear are fortunate to succeed and reappear here, year after year.
For most seasoned delegates, this is a good starting point – after breakfast. Coffee releases that feel-good hormone, dopamine. And takes the edge off of ‘identity fear’ (the part of the brain that lets those doubts creep in and blocks out opportunity signs).
‘Visibility’. Getting the message across. It can be a daunting experience being here amongst the sea of property industry internationals. But they have made it this far. No turning back now. It is moments like these that allows for the harnessing of fear – walking through it and thriving in it.
A #MIPIMfearless approach affords the value of communicating bold concepts. For us, communicating our storytelling concept, we did not fear rejection from property professionals. We embraced it, used it to keep us on our toes and successfully got our message across.
Listening to some of the conversations here, most are verbally illustrating successes. Almost no one is talking about failures, including topics such as the very low level enquiries by new buyers – overheard in one conversation.
Fear of failure is pervasive. But if harnessed well, fear can be constructive – risk evaluations for example, can grow new opportunities. Businesses have been motivated into existence because of it. The proof, these smart suited and booted professionals are standing here today – because of fear.
For the very first time the UK's Department of International Trade is here – because of fear. Fear is a builder too. It builds on risks, uncertainties, manipulation and misguidance. Governments know this all too well.
It’s a total booze-up! Similar sentiments have been made over the years about this event. But truthfully, is it? What is really happening?
Non-stop networking makes winding down important. Because the fear produced adrenaline from networking – combined with little sleep – can lead to traumatic stress disorder.
To the untrained mind, this would appear to be your typical ‘booze up’. What actually is taking place is the biological winding-down at the end of the day. It relieves the body of negative stress hormones – produced for example, by unreasoning fear.
Gathering socially with colleagues, good customers and enjoying a relax debrief of the day, produces in the body oxytocin – which combats negative stress.
Fearless is a useful psychological mind-guard. It is how the In Your Life team engage in a #MIPIMfearless way. It is also a call to everyone in Cannes – during this four day event and beyond it – ‘be fearless’.


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