Lionhill Surveyors go #MIPIMfearless

A lot goes on behind the scenes of major international property developments – Museum of the Future, Chelsea Barracks, The Guangzhou Opera House, to name a few. Very little focus is given to the cornerstones for these developments. At world leading property event, MIPIM, we were invited to go into the lives of …

Lionhill Surveyors abroad their modest, yet cosy, sail boat docked in the old harbour – Port Cannes I. As part of the 24,000 plus expected guests to this international French Riviera town, the UK based firm have arrived here to reaffirm existing relationships, make new ones and share their expertise.
Pétanque is a game about tactics, strategy and surveying – the terrain, the players and weaknesses. Metaphorically speaking, the terrain represents the public, the players represents surveyors and weaknesses represents trust.
Just throwing the hollow steel ball to get closer to the cochon is not enough to win the game. It requires attitude, knowledge, external perception – words currently used in discussions on ‘professionalism’ taking place with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and its members.
Professionalism includes trust, integrity, knowledge and loyalty. Fascinatingly, the colour psychology at work here – amongst the sea of dark blue suited property professionals – connotes much the same. Showered and business attired, the Lionhill Surveyors are finally ashore.
Professionally relaxed and positively charged for engagement, the team catch up with contacts – whom in all likelihood will bring them into contact with new ones. It is one of the many sure-fire ways – and a characteristic – to succeeding at this property event. That and having their very own PR team – Us.
The team will carry out many such engagements during their time here – back to back. With only four days to share their expertise, they approach each meeting with obvious professionalism. No matter their tight schedule, every meeting is valuable to them.
They blend and lend knowledge, standards and generally educate across a multitude of sectors. Because, surveying is not just applicable to buildings. But why so many meetings here and not in the UK – where they are based? The simple explanation – agreed upon by nearly everyone asked –
Potential clients are in easy reach here, and are readily accessible. And in hours rather than weeks or months – which is how long it could take to meet with them back in the UK. On top of which, it’s almost impossible to get this close to a government minister. Here you can go right up to him.
Better yet, the atmosphere is intoxicatingly fresh for doing business here. People are less stressed, less guarded, easier to approach and more open to entertaining new concepts, new deals. It is the ideal place to make and close the deal – if you happen to be here.
After this meeting there will be evening ones. Then most likely when the team do finally get back to their boat, they will debrief before calling it a night. And even then, the adrenaline from the entire day may not afford for any rest. And one of them – if not both of them – will still be up, storing valuable contact details with follow-up notes.
Nope, the day is far from over for the Lionhill Surveyors. But this is where we leave them – as more contacts, with potential contracts, join their table.


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