There is hope

The Champions.

Champions for authenticity, recognition of diversity, equality of gender, race and peaceful coexistence are the rising tide, becoming Generation NeXt.

Shockwaves are being sent throughout the solar system of the atom by these champions. We are more powerful than we think. And what do they think? Some were born into a world of lacklustre advertising sameness. A pervasive ‘one size fits all’ production-line mentality. Those few that could break out of the blandness – did and became the Champions.
La Croisette. Beach party. The creative community at large … seemed to be looking for charm, wit, humour. But the reality is, many are looking concernedly at the infonomics of this ever expanding digital age. Its new, constantly updated technologies, spewing big data. Wondering how to use it effectively – better yet – how to monetize it in an affordable way?
Cannes, France. Doing the right thing. Busy from building festival sets. Christian, a carpenter from the United Kingdom, takes a break. Over a pint of beer, he tells the story of his coming here to Cannes. Storytelling – it has been the backbone of cultural exchanges for thousands of years. Its power, to relate and create authentic connections. As those ‘shockwaves’ hurl humankind towards the futuristic realm of ‘biomedia’, storytelling will emerge a transformed leader.
Five Seas Hotel. Some of Google’s Zoo team. Refusing to work for stupid people, they aim to deliver meaningful relevance to people with disabilities. Cloud Vision – using data ethically and creatively to transform lives for the better.
Five Seas Hotel. Dmitri from Greece. Getting here is half the battle, then there are the back-to-back meetings. He explains. Individuality can still survive in this digital age. It is taking a battering, but the fight to get here will be worth it. The evolution of the Ad Industry will have individuality Champions, like Dmitri. And before him; Burnett, Doyle, Dane, Bernbach, Olgilvy, Hegarty and others.
Hotel Martinez. From Poland Roland. Representing agency RMK Gallery. Bravery, courage and unshakeable belief. Some of the vital characteristics necessary to making any headway in this growing sea of always-on connectedness. While these Champions hold the ability to transform data to do global good, there will be those who will use data to do the opposite – which will add to increased censoring and usage of ad blocking options.
Café Mocca. Digital Craft category Judge Seb De Roover. The power of visual language to produce powerful illustrations. A newer form of the moving image and new content form for smartphones. Inferno. Visual language storytelling images has been alive for more than 35,400 years – humankind’s earliest start at storing personal memory. In the hands of this Champion, the marriage of neurology and digital technologies is imagined.
Palais des Festivals. Representing Peter Derek, the riveting and vastly talented English voiceover master. Voice recognition technology, specifically voice-driven assistant technologies, have become ubiquitous, thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence. The voice of this Champion may well be holding thousands of interactive conversations in many homes, and all at the same time.
Five Seas Hotel. The award winning Shiho Fukuhara. Representing Google’s Project Jacquard team which won the product design grand prix prize. Smart textile data – as well as allowing the wearer to interact with a growing array of smart devices, these smart textiles will tell us about ourselves. But who else will they tell? With or without permission.
Five Seas Hotel. Representing Google Digital Academy Shuvo Saha, Director. Exceptional insight on digital capabilities required for the future of organisations in the industry. The reign of traditional advertising is not over, just evolving. Not so dissimilar to the way advertising came to the internet, and before that – to the television.
Five Seas Hotel. Representing Neal Cohen, Executive Producer. Down-to-Earth and a penchant for collaboration. The ideas just keep coming. And they all are very compelling. One thing for sure, during this instability phase of the evolution of the Ad Industry, collaboration is vital.
Hotel Martinez. No ordinary Senior Consultant Johanna, representing Creative agency, Pulsmacher GmbH. A background in social good, she represents a new type of warrior within the Champions. One whom connected customers will come to identify as one of the many avatars for digital trust.
Palais des Festivals. They think itʼs all over …


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