“Creative collaboration, creative partnerships”


Five Seas Hotel. Google party begins its warm up. I hear the same anxieties over and over again. Everything is too fast. Everything is too precarious.
La Croisette. Beach party. Everybody is talking about, what will change? How do we use these new technologies?
Five Seas Hotel. More than 13,000 attendees in Cannes and endless amounts of champagne. We are moving now with VR to becoming an internet of experiences.
Five Seas Hotel. Pink flamingos float atop the infinity pool. Marketers and clients are completely confused because it is always this race against time that we cannot win.
Five Seas Hotel. Party around the pool. Interestingly, no one is talking about what will never change.
Five Seas Hotel. Developing partnerships. Trustworthy associates. The most wonderful thing. It has got nothing to do with money. It’s just education.
La Croisette. Beach party. Mayhem and madness. Both chaos and order. This is still strategy and process. There is no success formula here. Just do not be standing still.
Palais des Festivals. On the famous red carpet. Everyoneʼs a winner. This is a real tool for change and we need to use it responsibly.
Café Mocca. Writing up notes. How to engage audiences and at the same time keep our work relevant and original is a part of the puzzle we are all trying to solve. With a relaxing afternoon rosé.
Majestic Barrière. People don’t consider the energy in the room.
La Croisette Beach. Almost over. The future in this moment amongst the unexpected is to keep engaging.
Cannes, France. Technological innovation has won out. Industry minds boggle to access the $billions to be made on emerging platforms. Dusk falls across the old port.
Cannes, France. The ideas are wondrous. New possibilities are emerging. Itʼs really about being human. The end for now.


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