Cannes Lions 2016

Cannes, France.

On the surface, one could easily believe this annual international creative festival to be the usual run-of-the-mill tradeshow. Beneath its surface though, a completely different reality emerges – captured through the eyes of reality photographer Etienne Rouxel.

Cannes, France. The greatest creative minds are here International festival of creativity covered by the In Your Life team. Connecting to real life.
Cannes, France. Photographing the entire world in one place is Etienne Rouxel. In the cobbled streets of the old town. Contemplating.
Cannes, France. Cycling into Cannes to engage the most creative minds on the planet is Daniel Newman. Sweating.
Cannes, France. Relatively quiet roads for now. It is going to get busy. To be descended upon by misfits and m-Ad men and women.


Beneath the surface.

An age-old battle wars on between the agents of chaos and order. Its battlefield, advertising; offering consumers a choice between insanity and lunacy.

La Croisette. Expected to reach $178 billion this year of total Ad spend, for the past 32 years Cannes Lions has become the de-facto meetings and networking place in the world for the Ad industry. What is the true purpose of this industry?
La Croisette. Mobile phones have become ubiquitous, lighter and a little smarter in that time. But have their owners?
Carlton Hotel. A landmark sight for prestigious events. Cannes Lions grosses more that $54 million in annual revenues. The landscape is changing. Ad-Tech is rising.
Cartier and Carlton Hotel. Synonymous with fame, wealth and sunshine. Authentic ideas are amongst the most hidden gems. Cinema offers us an amazing place to start an idea.
Carlton Hotel Intern, Pierre-Louis. Potentially this famous hotel’s future manager, perhaps. Imagination. Connect products and services and brands to people. And bring them value.
La Croisette. Just getting here, Ad agencies can and easily do spend a million euros upwards. As for the return-on-investment, award winners are still racking up clients and employment.
Palais des Festivals. Cabanas beach huts. Some cost more than houses. People love to be entertained and I think we kind of sometimes forget that.
La Croisette Beach. Every area utilised for networking. Costly but apparently worth it. It takes us away from justifying being average.
La Croisette. No-one is immune to the vibes when the festival is in town. You know the aesthetic when you see it.


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